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Talk Archive

Here you'll find a selection of talks I've done over the years covering topics such as Leadership, Production, Starting a Studio and more. 

Develop Brighton
Building a AA Studio: From Start-up to Fully Funded

A talk I did at Develop:Brighton  about how we built our AA studio, including tips for company vision, culture, early fundraising, and pitching. It's a high-level presentation that's meant to cover the initial stages and has recommendations for more in-depth reading on each subject, so it's useful for those at the beginning of their journey.

Confetti Institute
How to successfully Plan and Launch a Game

A talk I did for the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies that features information about the various stages of Production Processes in games and how to effectively plan a game from start to finish.

Stories to Inspire
How I created my own Games Company

I had the privilege of working with a fantastic coach and mentor, Emma Cowling, who then later interviewed me for her Stories to Inspire series. We chatted about the journey of starting a company and about company culture and leadership. 

Women in Games
Key Decisions & Career Choices

I attended the Women in Games Careers Expo to talk about founding Silent Games and my advocacy organisation, as well as how to find your true passions and what career path may work for you. 

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